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The Origin of Christmas (双语)  

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The Origin of Christmas (双语) - Callie - Callies blog Dec 25 is the day that most Christianities celebrate the birth of Jesus. 
    There was no Christmas at first. It is said that the first Christmas was in 138, the first in record was in 336. But the bible doesn’t indicate on what day was Jesus born, so different Christmas days were celebrated in different places. Until 440, Roman church court fixed Dec 25 as the Christmas day. The Origin of Christmas (双语) - Callie - Callies blog
    In 1607, religious leaders all over the world met in Bethlehem and reached an agreement that Dec 25 would be the Christmas day. Since then, most Christians began to celebrate Dec 25, no matter where they are. 
    From the 19th century, with the popularizing of Christmas and Santa Claus, most people, no matter they believe in Christian or not began to celebrate Christmas.In the bible, Jesus was born at night, so the night of Dec 24 is known as the Christmas night.

The Origin of Christmas (双语) - Callie - Callies blog


Christmas traditions

Christmas Eve(Silent Night), December 24, is the night before Christmas Day  

Christmas is an annual holiday celebrated on December 25 .  

It commemorates the birth of Jesus.  

The date of commemoration is not known to be Jesus' actual birthday.  

In the United Kingdom, Santa Claus is traditionally called Father Christmas. In households with younger children the preparations for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve are well established.  

Christmas syombol

 *Santa Claus   圣诞老人 [‘s?nt? klaus ]                                                                                                             
*Christmas tree 圣诞树
*Christmas hats 圣诞帽
*Christmas Stocking 圣诞袜   
*Christmas cards 圣诞贺卡
*Christmas dinner 圣诞晚餐
*Christmas sled  圣诞雪橇
*Christmas ham 圣诞火腿
*Christmas wood 圣诞柴 
*Christmas holly 冬青 
*Christmas mistletoe  槲寄生[ 'mis?lt?u ] 
*Christmas carols 圣诞歌曲
*Christmas bell   圣诞铃铛 

The hanging of stockings by the fireplace before bedtime, to receive the presents from Father Christmas, is a much-loved tradition that is still practiced by many children and adults although stockings might now be replaced with hung in different locations such as by the child's bed.  
         Almost of everyone enjoys Christmas Day , especially children,it is particularly enjoyed by children  who get will be very excited because of the some presents they know they are going to receive .  

          When small children go to bed on Christmas Eve , they hang a stocking at the behin of their beds . Their parents warn them not to try to look at Father Christmas , or their parents will not leave them anything . When they wake  up , they find their stockings filled with presents . As a result,children are very excited on Christmas morning and always wake up early. 
         Nowadays ,Christmas is celebrated by most of people by exchanging gifts and Christmas cards, preparing holiday foods, and decorating homes and workplaces  with colored lights, Christmas trees and ornaments.  
         It is the biggest festival celebrated in the Christian countries of the world. 
         After presents are opened on Christmas morning, preparations are quickly underway for the Christmas lunch where the whole family will gather and eat the Christmas Crackers.  

  A traditional Christmas dinner in America includes stuffed turkey (火鸡) , mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce (越橘酱) , and a variety of other dishes.

Roast turkey is the most popular main course not only in the United States, but also in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Some families have ham or roast goose instead of turkey.


Favorite desserts include mince pie or pumpkin pie, plum pudding and fruitcake.


Eggnog is a popular Christmas beverage (饮料) in many homes.


In Britain, Christmas dinner is eaten at noon, and the dinner usually includes roast turkey or goose, Christmas pudding with mince pies, and accompanied by wine.


One of the most important Christmas traditions is receiving gifts from Santa Claus. 

Many young children believe that the presents they receive at Christmas are given by Santa Claus, who is a jolly, white-bearded fat man in a red suit and red hat. According to the story, Santa Claus travels through the air from somewhere near the North Pole in a sled drawn by reindeer (驯鹿) and comes down the chimney to leave the presents.


Today, Santa Claus brings presents to children in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

现在,许多国家,包括美国、加拿大、英国 和澳大利亚,都有圣诞老人把节日礼物送给孩子们。

In Great Britain Santa Claus is also called Father Christmas.在英国,圣诞老人也叫“ Father Christmas ”。

Many department stores hire people to wear a Santa Claus costume and listen to children's requests. During the weeks before Christmas, children write letters to Father Christmas and tell him what presents they would like to receive.


They then throw these letters into the fire.


Children believe that if a draft draws the letter up through the chimney, their wishes will be fulfilled.





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